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How to Engage Families in SEL
[Templates and Protocols]

Explore resources for engaging families in your social-emotional learning strategy.
building_family_understanding_of_social_emotional learning

Are you a school or district leader looking to better partner with families around SEL?

The positive outcomes of social-emotional learning amplify when our schools partner with families to extend SEL into the home.

Yet, engaging families in SEL and building buy-in can be a challenge—especially in a hybrid or virtual setting. 

This resource pack includes our top templates, handouts, and protocols for enhancing your family engagement efforts and working together with caregivers to promote the social-emotional development of students.

What's Inside This Resource Pack?

  • Customizable handouts with tips for practicing SEL at home
  • Templates for creating a visually-stunning family SEL resource center 
  • Conversation guides with questions for educators and caregivers to ask each other when discussing ongoing SEL initiatives or advocating for a child's social-emotional needs
  • Best practices for sharing student SEL data with family members
  • Guidelines for conducting home visits (both in-person and virtually)

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