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[Download] Question Bank: Student Check-ins

90+ Questions Across Well-Being, SEL Skills, Relationships, and Classroom Feedback

student_check-ins _question_bank

"How are our students doing? Who needs our support right now?"

Checking in on students is critical to creating a safe and supportive learning environment.

Administrators and educators can ask these questions during a morning meeting, advisory period, small group intervention, or general class time to:
  • Get to know students to build authentic relationships at back-to-school time
  • Check in on student well-being and supports
  • Do an interim SEL skills and competencies check
  • Gather classroom feedback to inform instruction
  • Identify the students who need extra help right now academically, socially, and emotionally


In This Guide, You'll Get Access to:

✔  Panorama's full check-ins question bank (includes 90+ free response and multiple choice questions for grades 3-12)

✔  Recommendations on who should use the questions, how often to send check-ins, and how to take action on the data

✔  An overview of Panorama's new student check-ins tool, which is a companion to annual SEL and school climate measurement 


About Panorama Education

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