Bring social-emotional learning to your district, no matter the size of your team.

If you serve a smaller school or district, you may be facing challenges like budget constraints or a lack of resources. Your SEL team may be made up of people who have other roles and duties outside of social-emotional learning work, or you may be a mighty team of one.

Whether you serve a district of 50,000 or 500 students, a thriving social-emotional learning program is possible. Empower your team to set SEL goals, identify strong strategies, and build a school culture of SEL with this toolkit of editable resources for getting started with social-emotional learning. 

Fan Sel for Teams

What's Inside This Toolkit?

Guide: Getting Started With SEL, No Matter the Size of Your Team [PDF]
Rubric: Identifying Strong SEL Interventions [Word/Google Doc]
Worksheet: Setting SEL Goals [Word/Google Doc] 
Strategy Guide: Build a Culture of SEL With Check-ins [Word/Google Doc]

Download the toolkit and get started with SEL in your district today.