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Guide to SEL Intervention Tracking and Progress Monitoring in Panorama

How to Move from Assessment to Action, Realize the Potential of Social-Emotional Learning, and Support More Students

Take action on your SEL data to drive continuous improvement 

If you believe every student deserves individualized supports for their social-emotional learning and well-being, then your district needs a purposeful plan to move from SEL assessment to action.

That’s why Panorama for Social-Emotional Learning offers intervention tracking with NEW progress monitoring questions to gather quantitative student voice data. 

Make SEL progress monitoring as robust as every other aspect of your MTSS. Practice continuous improvement and hold staff compassionately accountable to students’ SEL.

In this guide, you'll get access to:

  • A sneak preview of Panorama's SEL intervention tracking tools for district and school teams including NEW Progress Monitoring questions
  • The basics of measuring social-emotional learning
  • 3 steps for taking action on SEL data to support students using intervention tracking

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