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SEL Playbook for Superintendents 

18 Superintendents Share Their Best Social-Emotional Learning Leadership Advice

Leading Social-Emotional Learning Is Difficult Work.

At the same time, social-emotional learning (SEL) is more important now than ever.

Districts that build a strong foundation for SEL now will set up their students to thrive in today's changing educational landscape.

We were lucky enough to connect with 18 superintendents and senior district leaders who dedicated their time and expertise to the following question:

What is the single most effective "change management" strategy you've used to lead SEL in your district?

In this playbook, we compiled exactly what they shared with us. Download the playbook now to hear from superintendents at Andover Public Schools (MA), Hilliard City Schools (OH), Long Beach Unified School District (CA), Ferndale Schools (MI), and many more.

Table of Contents:

Play #1: Start With Adult Mindsets
Play #2: Embed SEL Into Your Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan
Play #3: Build SEL Into Curriculum and Instruction
Play #4: Invest in Ongoing Professional Development
Play #5: Collaborate and Connect With Other Leaders
Play #6: Model Caring for Yourself


Download the Playbook: