Prioritize SEL in the transition to in-person learning.

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As we make the transition from remote learning back into classrooms, district and school leaders are facing a whole new set of challenges related to students’ (and adults') social-emotional development and well-being.

While reopening and transition plans are taking shape differently in every district, the pandemic has reinforced that SEL is a core purpose of education – not just an additive to academic learning.

To help districts meet the needs of educators and learners during these periods of transition, we’ve bundled a set of SEL resources for supporting student and adult well-being in this new toolkit—complete with “how to” instructions and templates for use.

What's Inside This Toolkit?

  • Strategies for cultivating educator resilience and building adult capacity for SEL
  • Questions to facilitate ongoing, regular check-ins on students' SEL and well-being
  • Protocols designed to foster strong relationships between caring adults and students
  • Customizable templates for creating SEL Choice Boards and SEL Brain Breaks to strengthen Tier 1 supports
  • Trauma-informed activities for helping students heal and cope with stress