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5 Strategies to Build Student Belonging 
[With Templates]


When Students Feel Like They Belong, They Succeed—Academically, Socially, and Emotionally

When things are uncertain, we all want a safe place to land—a place where we feel we can be ourselves and be accepted. As an education leader, you have the power to create the type of place where students feel they belong.

A student’s sense of belonging can come from connections with both peers and adults. This guide includes five strategies—complete with "how to" instructions, templates, and examples—for building positive relationships with students and creating a strong sense of belonging.

This resource is perfect for: 

  • District Leaders: Share these resources with your school teams and consider ways to improve sense of belonging districtwide.
  • School Leaders: Bring these strategies to PLCs, staff meetings, or Student Support team meetings to share with staff and foster a sense of belonging in your school community.
  • Classroom Teachers and Support Staff: Try these activities with your students during morning meetings, advisory, or homeroom to strengthen relationships and build positive classroom culture. 

Example Strategies: 

  • "Get to Know You" User Guides 
  • Permission to Envision 
  • Belonging Baton Pass

Download the guide: